Stiftelsen Ahus Boligselskap offers approximately 600 housing units for rent for employees of Akershus University Hospital (Ahus). All units are located within walking distance from the hospital, and vary in size from small studio apartments to larger 3-4 room units.

Illustrasjon: SAB

Application process
We have a variety of different housing units. The applications are processed on an ongoing basis, and you will be allocated an unspecified housing unit within your chosen category. You will be notified which particular apartment that has been assigned to you at the latest 14 days before taking over the unit.

How to apply
In order to apply for housing, you must have a valid employment contract with Ahus. In addition to this, we follow a set of allocation criteria when processing applications. Please fill in the application form. In order to get as fast a review as possible, please provide a copy of the work confirmation with your application.

Rental period
We offer rental agreements for a period of three years. For employees in temporary employment, we offer a rental period corresponding to the duration of the employment contract. We reserve the right to shorten the rental period if there are plans for rehabilitation of the property during the rental period.