Welcome as a tenant. We hope you will enjoy living in your new accommodation.

(Illustrasjon: Shutterstock)
(Illustrasjon: Shutterstock)

All inquiries related to your housing situation should be made in writing. This also applies to requests regarding maintenance or repairs. You can reach us on email at post@ahusbolig.no, or you can report by filling in the form for faults and defects. You will get a confirmation that we have received your inquiry.

If you need (urgent) assistance outside normal working hours, you can contact Security Services at Ahus at tel. +47 679 69 000.

Your feedback is important to us
We constantly want to get better and appreciate your feedback. By giving us either criticism or praise, or both, you give us the opportunity to get better. Do you have anything to say? Please fill out the feedback form. All inquireies will, if desired, be kept anonymous.