The contract will be signed and the keys can be fetched at our office between 10:00-14:00 or according to agreement. Remember to bring your receipt showing that your deposit has been paid.


Unsatisfactory cleaning
In case the apartment has not been cleaned properly, you should notify us without undue delay on tel. 97 97 64 44, at the latest by 12:00 on the following working day. Unsatisfactory cleaning will then be rectified. Any technical defects you find on moving in need to be reported within 14 days by filling in the form for faults and defects. If we do not receive your complaint within the above-mentioned period, we will consider the apartment as having been taken over and accepted.

Home contents insurance
As our tenant, you are NOT covered by home contents insurance, and we strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance policy. A good home contents insurance will cover furniture and fittings, personal effects and, if necessary, expenses for alternative housing. Further information can be found under Home Contents Insurance.

Rent/pre-payment of rent
Rent will be deducted directly from your salary when possible. The first rent deduction will cover the remaining days of the month when you moved in and the month that follows. If a direct deduction from your salary is not possible, you will be sent an invoice (due on the 15th of the month). For more information about rent payments, see Rent payment.