Everybody is entitled to a healthy indoor environment. The following sections will provide you with tips and advice on how you can achieve this in your apartment.

Keep the air vents open at all times (also in wintertime)
Closed air vents damage your indoor environment and may lead to the formation of mold and fungi, amongst other problems. The air vents are located on the outer wall or the window ledge. Rather than closing the vents, a better solution is to keep them open at the same time as you turn up the heating and close the doors. The recommended indoor temperature is 14-16 degrees Celsius in bedrooms and 20-21 degrees Celsius in the living room and other rooms that are in constant use. For more information, see Norges Astma- og Allergiforbund.

Open doors and windows wide for 5-10 minutes
The most energy-efficient way of airing out your apartment is to open the windows wide for a short time. Leaving the windows open a little bit for a long time is not particularly economical. Keep in mind that radiator and water pipes can freeze within a relatively short time if they are close to open windows when there are minus degrees outside.

Check that the ventilation channel is open and clean
If the indoor air in your apartment seems “dense”, check that the air gaps in the window ledges, air vents etc. are open. If this does not help, try putting a sheet of paper flat onto the vent to see if air is moving in the channel. In this case, the piece of paper will be sucked towards the vent. DO NOT use the flame of a match or lighter as an indicator. Dust and grease in the channel are easily flammable!

Our apartments do not have aircondition
The easiest way of keeping your home cool in the summer is to keep the sun out. Close curtains, blinds etc. If it is warm outside in the middle of the day, keeping the windows open will not help. It is better to air out your apartment thoroughly in the evening, during the night and in the morning, while it is still cool outside.

Dispose of rubbish immediately
«Parking» rubbish in the stairway or in common areas until you have time to dispose it creates odor problems and may attract pests.
Do not leave rubbish, furniture and packaging materials next to the rubbish containers. This also applies to the stairways and shared storage rooms/other common areas.

Use the opportunities for sorting recyclable rubbish

There are good opportunities for recycling rubbish in the area. Next to the shop, there are containers for glass, tins and clothes. Kiwi accepts old batteries, lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes. Other rubbish you need to take to the municipal rubbish dump yourself, for example to Ragn-Sells next to Mc Donald’s at Lørenskog. For more information, see Romeriket avfallshåndtering (ROAF).

Smoking is forbidden in our apartments
It is not allowed to smoke inside your apartment, in the stairways or in other common areas. This also applies outdoors (blue balconies) if it is a nuisance to neighbours/others.